15 Things You Should Never Say To a Vaper

How many insane comments have you heard from people when they see you with an e-cig?

No doubt you’ve heard dozens since you started vaping!

Here’s a few choice ones that we hear cropping up again and again…

1. So, when are you giving up?

One day, ONE DAY, people will understand that smoking and vaping are not the same thing.

2. “What’s your favourite oil?”

Not sure if they really don’t know what e-liquid is called, or if I’m being asked about my central heating preferences?

3. “Those things are far more addictive than cigarettes.”

Because nothing is more helpful than people making up scientific ‘facts’ on the spot. (And besides, the evidence suggests the opposite is true!)

4. “You can’t use that in here.”

Maybe we can put up some ‘No telling me what to do’ signs too?

5. “I decided to quit without any help.”

Great story, really. Now please go away.

6. “Think of the children!”

Because secretly all vapers really want to hang around outside schools blowing clouds in kids faces. (Hint: they don’t.)

7. “Why don’t you just quit?”

Like seriously, I did, I just still happen to like nicotine. It’s NOT the same thing.

8. “I didn’t realise you were still a smoker!”

Ok now, this is just getting silly.

9. “Those things are far worse than fags. I know coz I read it in the newspaper!”

Ahh yes, the one thing more helpful than people making up scientific ‘facts’ on the spot? People reporting them in the press.

10. What flavour is that – clown farts?

Remember when people claimed the worst thing about smoking was the smell of tobacco?
Well, now people complain that e-cigs don’t smell like tobacco. Go figure.

11. “Are you still on those joke fags?”

Yes, it’s all part of my act, just wait till you see my giant shoes and flower that squirts water.

12. “I just used willpower to quit!”

Well done, honestly, but what works for one doesn’t necessarily work for all. Vive la difference.

13. “You just don’t know what’s in those things!”

Well actually I do, it’s printed on the bottle, but don’t let that get in the way of your wild speculation.

To and avid vaper:
14. “So, how much have you saved?”

Yes, we hate to admit that this can all get pretty expensive but hey … we all need a hobby, don’t we?

To someone with a high powered device:
15. What kind of vape pen is that?”

Cue half an hour lecture on why it’s not a ‘vape pen’.

Because never ask a serious vaper stupid questions unless you want a half hour science lecture and a slide show on the complete history of vaping mythology, or something.


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