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Bloom | Acai Pomegranate | 100ml

A sticky sweet blend of pomegranate molasses paired up with the unique taste of fresh acai berries picked straight from

Bloom | Cucumber Cantaloupe | 100ml

A light and refreshing fusion of our favourite green skinned flavours, sweet cantaloupe melons balanced perfectly with fresh cucumber!

Bloom | Juniper Mangosteen Apple | 100ml

The purple mangosteen is an exotic fruit that blooms in south east Asia, pair it up with crisp green apples

Bloom | Lemon Lavendar | 100ml

Sharp and sweet lemon make for a lovely vape juice but, Bloom eliquid have gone a step further and added

Bloom | Pear Elderflower | 100ml

Delicate elderflower isn’t just for cordial, Bloom eliquid have mixed this sweet flavour together with fresh pears straight from the

Bloom | Starfruit Cactus | 100ml

Despite its prickly outer, cactus juice is surprisingly smooth, sweet and the perfect partner to zesty starfruit eliquid!