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IVG | Team 120 | Apple Raspberry | 120ml

The simple, juicy flavour of apple always pairs well with tart, complex berry notes, and Apple Raspberry by Team 120

IVG | Team 120 | Blackcurrant Lemonade | 120ml

Are you ready to beat the heat? Nothing is nicer on a sunny day than a cold glass of lemonade

IVG | Team 120 | Exotic Mango | 120ml

If you aren’t fortunate enough to have visited the tropics, you might be unaware that there are actually several different

IVG | Team 120 | Fantasy Lemon | 120ml

A juicy fruit with abundant citrus oil makes the Sicilian lemon one of the world’s most famous citrus cultivars. If

IVG | Team 120 | Pink Guava | 120ml

Sweet tropical guava is one of the world’s most remarkable flavours, and now you can enjoy the flavour of guava

IVG | Team 120 | Vanilla Muffin | 120ml

Are you ready for a real breakfast? Drop the muffins and indulge in some cupcakes! Vanilla Cupcake by Team 120