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IVG | Apple Berry Crumble | Salts | 10ml

Beginning with a mixture of spiced apples and blackberries baked to perfection in a ramekin, Apple Berry Crumble by I

IVG | Blue Raspberry | Salts | 10ml

The blue raspberry might be an imaginary fruit, but that hasn’t stopped the e-liquid makers of the world from capturing

IVG | Bubblegum | Salts | 10ml

Hey, there’s no gum chewing here! Wait — it’s just Bubblegum Sweets by IVG Salt? Never mind. Obviously, you’re a

IVG | Citrus Lemonade | Salts | 10ml

IVG are blending together a refreshing lemonade of juicy citrus fruits, zesty oranges, punchy grapefruit and of course sweet lemon

IVG | Cola Ice | Salts | 10ml

Do you drink your cola warm? Of course not! That’s why most soda-flavoured e-liquids simply don’t work — they’re missing

IVG | Fresh Lemonade | Salts | 10ml

IVG have put together the perfect mixture of classic lemonade, sharp citrus, a sweet body and of course a little

IVG | Honeydew Lemonade | Salts | 10ml

Classic lemonade’s punchy notes are mixed together with a soothing sweet puree of fresh honeydew melons, IVG may have just

IVG | Kiwi Lemon Kool | Salts | 10ml

A refreshing mix of a cool ice kiwi and just a hint of lemon!

IVG | Neon Lime | Salts | 10ml

What’s cooler than being cool? Ice cold! Neon Lime by IVG E-Liquid captures the flavour that you might experience if